Fee Schedule

Account Activity Printout$5.00
Account Closed Within 90 Days of Opening$30.00
Account Research (1 hr min plus $.50 per copy)$30.00
Account Sent for Collection$20.00
Visa Check Card - New or Replacement (per card)$5.00
Foreign ATM Charge (cash withdrawals or balance inquires) No charge at F&M Terminals$1.00
ATM - Pin Replacement (each)$5.00
Authorized Overdraft Charge (per debit/check)$30.00
Automatic Overdraft Transfer Fee (per daily transfer)$10.00
Cashier's Checks (ea.)$5.00
Check Cashing - Non-Customer ($5.00 Min)5.00%
Check PrintingVaries by Style
Collections (incoming/outgoing)$20.00
Daily Overdraft Charge After 5 Bus. Days (Per Day)$5.00
Deposit Bags - Locking$45.00
Deposit Bags - Zipper$5.00
Deposited Checks Returned Unpaid/Chargeback Fee (per item)$5.00
Dormant Account Fee (Monthly)$10.00
Photocopies (each)$1.00
Postdated Check Fee (per check)$30.00
Returned Item Fee (per item)$30.00
Returned Mail Fee (After two)$11.00
Rolled/Sorted Coins - Non-Customer (per hr)$20.00
*Safe Deposit Boxes 3 x 5$26.00/$31.00
*Safe Deposit Boxes 3 x 10$40.00/$45.00
*Safe Deposit Boxes 4 x 10 $45.00/$50.00
*Safe Deposit Boxes 5 x 10$50.00/$55.00
*Safe Deposit Boxes 8 x 10$57.50/$62.50
*Safe Deposit Boxes 10 x 10$76.00/$81.00
*Safe Deposit Boxes 15 x 10$86.00/$91.00
Safe Deposit Box - Late Payment Fee$15.00
Safe Deposit Box - Lost Keys$30.00
Safe Deposit Box - Drill Safe$125.00
Stop Payment Fee (per item)$30.00
Telephone Transfer Fee$5.00
Temporary Checks (ea)$0.25
Verification of Deposit$20.00
Wire Transfers - Incoming$10.00
Wire Transfers - Outgoing Domestic$20.00
Wire Transfers - Outgoing Foreign$40.00

*Safe Deposit Box Prices - with auto debit/without auto debit (Annually)