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Make business purchases locally — or across the globe. A credit card gives you enhanced purchasing power.

Key Features

  • Competitive Rates
  • Anytime Funds
  • Annual Fee: $25.00
  • Late Payment Fee: $15.00
  • Returned Payment Fee: $10.00
  • Cash Advance: 2% (minimum $2.00/maximum $20.00) of the amount of each advance. All balances not paid each billing period as required are subject to 15% interest rate from date of each advance. Payment in full is required each billing period or the account may be sent for collection.
  • Rebates: 1% of net retail purchases will appear as credit on statement for period ending in December, or Reward Points: earning 1 point for ach dollar spent on net retail purchase, up to 10,000 points per month per account (maximum points received = 120,000/year).