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We’ve laid down our roots in Central Oklahoma — we can help you do the same with a home mortgage tailored to your needs.

Key Features

  • Competitive Rates
  • Variety of Terms
  • Local Processing

Fixed Rate Mortgages
Lock in your interest rate during the mortgage application process and enjoy the same interest rate over the life of your loan. Your mortgage payments will also stay the same (aside from property taxes and insurance premiums).

Fixed Rate Mortgages are available in 15- and 30-year terms.

Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARM)
ARM Loans are available in a variety of terms. There is usually an introductory period of several years in which the interest rate is fixed. After that, the rate can adjust up or down at pre-determined intervals depending on the benchmark.

A typical monthly mortgage payment can include four costs:

  • Principal: The amount of money you originally borrowed to buy your home. 
  • Interest: Your interest rate is a percentage charged on your loan balance. You pay interest each month in addition to the principal.
  • Property taxes and homeowners’ insurance: You can roll your property tax payments and homeowners' insurance into your mortgage payment. Part of your monthly payment is redirected to an escrow account to pay these expenses.
  • Mortgage insurance: This is a requirement for certain mortgage loans, depending on the type of loan and the size of your down payment.

Talk to one of our Central Oklahoma-based mortgage lenders to see if you might qualify for any of these special home loan programs.

  • FHA Loans: Low down payments available and more flexible credit requirements
  • Veteran (VA) Loans: Up to 100% financing for servicemembers, veterans, and surviving spouses.
  • Jumbo Loans: Borrow more than the conforming loan limit for your county.
  • Vacation Home Loan: Get financing to purchase that lake house or other vacation home you’ve always dreamed of.

You can expect to be asked for these (and possibly other) Financial documents:

  • W-2 or 1099 forms from the past 2 years showing income
  • Tax returns for past two years
  • Recent pay stubs showing year-to-date earnings
  • Credit reports
  • Credit score of at least 620 or higher

To start the mortgage application process, you can apply online, contact us, or visit your nearest branch location in Edmond, Guthrie OK, Kingfisher OK, Piedmont OK, Crescent OK, Yukon, OK, Greater Oklahoma City. Getting pre-qualified helps you understand how much you can borrow and makes you a more attractive buyer to sellers.