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Bank Jugging: Be Aware of Latest Robbery Technique

Bank Jugging: Be Aware of Latest Robbery Technique

In order to keep our customers safe, we are sharing information regarding a robbery technique on the rise. It is known as bank jugging. This is a technique in which the suspect will watch and follow a victim from a bank, credit union, ATM, or check-cashing store to their next location. Once there, the suspect either looks for an opportunity to burglarize their vehicle or threatens or assaults the victim directly, then demands or takes the victim’s money.

Some tips to help prevent bank jugging.

  • Be aware of anyone hanging around the lobby or parking lot and not doing business.
  • Try not to be distracted while in the financial institution or at the ATM. Avoid being on your phone, wearing earbuds, etc.
  • Conceal your money before you leave. Do not openly carry cash or envelopes of cash.
  • Do not leave large amounts of money in your vehicle.
  • Watch for any vehicles that may be following you out of the parking lot.
  • If you believe you are being followed, call 911 or drive to the nearest police or fire station.
  • If at all possible, make banking your last stop.

In addition, please, if you see something, say something. Talk with someone at the branch about your concerns.