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There’s no need for paperwork — run your payroll online with this convenient service.

Key Features

  • Add Efficiency
  • Reduce Costs
  • Complete payroll quickly anywhere you have internet access — even from your mobile device
  • Easy-to-Use Online Payroll Service
  • Instantly calculates wages and deductions
  • Keeps business in compliance with regulations
    • Files taxes (guarantee against IRS fines)
      • Regular tax deposits
      • Form 941 quarterly
      • Form 940 annually
    • Automatically reports new hires to state agency as mandated by federal government
    • Provides updated, customized labor posters
  • Provides free direct deposit and email notifications, letting employees know they've been paid
  • Employees have online access to their pay stub, pay history, and payroll information
  • Provides online W2s for employees and online 1099s for contract workers
  • Unlimited live customer support for processing questions
  • Business forms like I9s and W4s can be automatically pre-populated with information from employer's payroll account
  • Alerts and reminder to keep employers on top of important dates
  • Comprehensive Payroll Reports
  • How-To Guides on HR topics relevant to small business

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