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Make deposits at any time — simply scan checks from your desk, and our software will automatically record and balance every transaction.

Key Features

  • Add Efficiency
  • Reduce Costs
  • Saves mileage to and from Bank to make deposits
  • Saves time spent preparing deposit slips
    • Check amounts are automatically logged reducing the manual work associated
  • 24-hours service
    • Make deposits any time, 365 days/year from your office
  • Online check images
    • Check images with detailed information are archived online
    • No need for research fees or photocopies
    • Improved organization of your records
  • Electronic receipt as proof of deposit
  • Improved availability
    • Deposits made by 5:00 p.m. are processed same business day
      • Improving cash flow and working capital for your business
  • Reduced Return Item Risk
    • The faster the deposited checks are cleared, the faster you will learn about any returned items to your account
  • Consolidation of Bank Relationships
    • If you have multiple offices or retail outlets, it is no longer necessary to have a branch bank around the corner from your locations.  One banking relationship will simplify your account and administrative efforts
  • Improved research capabilities
  • No equipment purchase
  • No contract

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